For Financial Membership of the Rhodesian Services Association (Incorporated) please read on.
NOTE: There is no refund after making payment for membership.

Membership for individual NZ$25

Membership for couple NZ$50

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We aim to increase our current level of Financial Members of the Rhodesian Services Association (Inc) to 1,000. Income from this level of membership would mean that we cover the rent for The Lion and Tusk Museum for 12 months, thereby placing us in a secure financial position.

So why is it important to have The Lion and Tusk Museum?

The Lion and Tusk – Museum of the Rhodesian Services Association is located at Unit 10, 14 Portside Drive, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. It is the largest display of Rhodesian history outside Africa. It is open to the public. A high percentage of visitors to the museum are of African heritage. Some of our other visitors from countries and cultures around the world have little or no knowledge of what was Rhodesia. The museum provides a learning experience for them which dispels the sometimes maligned information which they have previously seen. Our Curator, Tony Fraser, a Kiwi of Maori and European heritage, provides an unbiased view of our history through the displays he has created. Additionally, the Rhodesian Forces Archives Project, our constantly developing, publicly accessible on-line database, has important nominal, medal and Rolls of Honour records which preserves accuracy of record for reference as well as providing a basis for welfare agencies seeking verification of service.

At the heart of the museum is the Memorial Garden which contains priceless Rolls of Honour that were extracted from Zimbabwe to save them from destruction. If we are to continue with the protection of these rolls commemorating Rhodesians of all races, who gave their lives for Rhodesia, as well as the various artifacts and records we have preserved, then we MUST ensure that The Lion and Tusk Museum has a secure base to operate from. Ensuring that the annual rental cost is met would provide that security.

The Rhodesian Services Association is a New Zealand registered charity registered in 2008 with registration number CC25203. Financial subscription to the Rhodesian Services Association is NZ$25 per person per year (that breaks down to NZ$2.08 per month). One thousand financial members would provide a very secure base for preserving Rhodesian history into the future.

Is this not what we all want – our history and heritage preserved? This is your chance to be part of a viable project that has a proven record of dedication and hard work. You can make payment using the Individual or Couple payment buttons at the top of this page.

To read our constitution use this link: Rhodesian Services Association Constitution

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